Charitable action "Do good" was held in Kostanay

Charitable action "Do good" was held in Kostanay

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It was with this message that the activists of the Chechen-Ingush ethno-cultural association "Vainakh" came to visit the children together with representatives of the regional Friendship House. Guests brought back rucksacks, notebooks, pens and other necessary gifts to the pupils of the Kostanay shelter for children and adolescents and the Children's Home "Dolphin". So representatives of the Chechen-Ingush community of the regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan congratulated their sponsored on the Day of Knowledge. Such visits have already become traditional, so the meetings of two generations are held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The first guests were met by the youngest children of the Children's Home "Dolphin". Deputy Chairman of the Chechen-Ingush ECO "Vainakh" Taus Haydukaeva and community activist Ahmed Bashaev brought with them what the staff of the institution needs in everyday life.

"People who are not indifferent come to us often, they bring gifts, mostly children's toys," says the head doctor of the child's house Kenzhegul Alimova. - You can say that they even surplus. And there are things that a simple person may not even know, but in our work we often use this. For example, containers for disinfectants, because cleanliness is the main thing in our institution. Therefore, when we found out that such guests are coming to visit us, we asked them to purchase such containers. Thank you for responding to our request, this is really a necessary gift for our institution and for children, in the first place. The next gifts - school supplies - were received by pupils of the Kostanay shelter for children and teenagers. The guys greeted the guests on the playground with a fancy flash mob and a song about friendship.
- In our shelter at the moment live 40 children, they are brought to us from different parts of the region, - says director Menshlu Doshchanov. - Children are dirty, sick, beaten. We are putting them in order, treating them, we are taking them to school. But, despite the state support, we are very happy to help good people. These school supplies our children will last for a year. We express our gratitude to the Chechen-Ingush community and the House of Friendship for their help, for remembering us, and every year they come with gifts.
Deputy chairman of the community Taus Hajdukaeva admitted that this year the charity event was held on the days of the holy Muslim holiday - Kurban Ait.

"This is very symbolic, because these days it is customary to do more good things, help others and those in need," says Taus Sultanovna. - It is noteworthy that Kurban-ait coincided with another important day - the Day of Knowledge. And the gifts that we brought for the guys will help them in their studies. Our community often conducts similar charitable events. More than 7 years we come to the Children's Home "Dolphin". Very pleased that the kids in the orphanage are less, it means that they are taken to the family and one happy cell of the society becomes more.

The warm meeting ended with a small concert, which for the pupils was organized by the artists of the regional Friendship House.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelisim" of akimat of Kostanay region

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