F. Khajiyeva: 'Our Family Survived Thanks to Nazarbayev's Family'

F. Khajiyeva: 'Our Family Survived Thanks to Nazarbayev's Family'

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F. Khajiyeva, descendant of the deported Balkars:

This year, the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is one of the most revered holidays. This is the quarter, where peace, unity and social harmony prevail.

During the deportation, my great-grandfather's family was sheltered by a good Kazakh family. They lived in a two-bedroom cottage.

I am Farizat Khajiyeva, Khyzyr Khajiyev's gradndaughter, great-granddaughter of Azret Khajiyev, who was sheltered and heated by Abish Nazarbayev's family.

Only because of kindness of dear Abish and Alzhan I am standing on the stage. We are grateful to Nursultan Nazarbayev’s family for their care and human qualities, for the fact that we live in peace and harmony!

Nursultan Nazarbayev comes from the honest, hard-working family and it is not surprising that the First President became such a wise politician.

In order to provide for our familyAbish Ata arranged 6-year Khyzyr to help a shepherd. My grandfather Khyzyr was so young that he had to be tied to the saddle so he wouldn't fall off the horse. On weekends, Abish Ata gathered Balkars and they built their own houses of saman bricks. A house was built for grandfather Azret, there were two whole rooms in it, and the roof was covered with reeds brought from the industrial farm. At that time, it was a real palace for the deported people.

For the housewarming, grandfather Abish gave a calf. They say, this gift became the talisman of happiness and prosperity of our family. It's a story that has been passed down from generation to generation.

"The Holy land of all Muslims is Mecca and Madina, and the holy and sacred land of all deported people is Kazakhstan. We wish the future of Kazakhstan to be bright and prosperous," said the elders of Balkar people. This is a vital principle for us, for young people.

Dear citizens, history that unites people under holy shanyrak is a country with common future!

And I, as a Kazakhstan citizen, will contribute to the development of the country's well-being!

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