Public Consent Council Signed Memorandum with Public Council

Public Consent Council Signed Memorandum with Public Council

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An extended meeting of Public Consent Council of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan was held today on theme "Interaction of the Public Consent Council and Public Councils of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan".


The event was attended by the Public Council of Nur-Sultan, Mothers Council of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the Mayor's Office of Saryarka District, a branch of Nur Otan party in Nur-Sultan, members of the ethno-cultural associations of the capital APK.


Opening the event, Lyazzat Kussainova, Head of APK’s Secretariat in Nur-Sultan noted that the 27th session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan defined the thematic priorities of the Assembly, including the Public Consent Councils.

"At the moment, it is important to continue the systematic work of the Public Consent Council, Mothers Council, the Elders Council - Aksakals of the capital's Assembly of People of Kazakhstan to strengthen unity and harmony in society. Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan started a year with an event to the 175th anniversary of Abai. The science seminar "Abai - poet, Thinker, Translator" was held jointly with Kazakh Agrotechnical University in the framework of the program "Rukhani Zhangyru. The Year of Volunteer was started with the United Day of Voluntary Movement and Donor Day in the Friendship House. Anniversary dates in 2020: 25th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, 75th anniversary of Victory, 175th anniversary of Abai and others are of special importance for Kazakhstan. The main events and projects in 2020 will be dedicated to them. Excursions to historical sites under the program "Sacral Heritage: Uly Dala Eli" will be continued,” said Kussainova.


Lyazzat Kusainova also noted that today there is a need to strengthen social responsibility of high level, participation of responsible citizens in it.

"Among the priorities of our common work are public control, volunteering, charity, mediation. The Assembly is an active participant in the processes of modernization of public consciousness, spiritual and intellectual renewal of society. The Assembly' ethno-cultural associations in the capital have been certified and are being transformed into key civil society institutions. In the future, increase of target indicators on the number of ethnocultural associations, state language and others. The total number of councils of public consent is 7; including city and district councils; 5 public councils function at city enterprises. For 2019, the Council of Public Consent of the capital Assembly organized 15 events. The number of their participants is 550. The number of issues and problems solved by the population - 10. Recommendations to state bodies and civil society institutions - 5. For 2019 working meetings of the Council of Public Consent of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan city were held quarterly. Among them conferences, session, meetings" noted Lyazzat Kusainova.


As the organizers said, the Public Consent Council of Nur-Sultan actively worked in the electoral period in support of the presidential elections. One of such meetings was held on April 16. The Councils of Public Consent of the capital APK in the Friendship House and at the enterprises of the city discussed the provisions of President Tokayev’s State of the Nation Address. Priorities were outlined. Among them were public control over the implementation of the instructions of the First President Nazarbayev and President Tokayev.

As part of the Year of Youth, a dialogue platform with working youth was organized in cooperation with the Directorate for Community Development. Field meetings were held jointly with the Directorate for Investment and Entrepreneurship Development, in the small and medium-sized businesses and agro-industrial sector. Consulting meetings of the Public Accord Councils of Nur-Sultan were held in labor collectives, at city markets, in shopping centers. A round table was held on the basis of the training center of "green technologies" of Seifullin Kazakh Agricultural University together with the department of APK of the university. A meeting of the working group of the Public Consent Council with the students of the capital's universities as part of the ANK project "Qazaqtanuу" was held with interest. The Science and Practice conference "Raising the Potential of the Public Harm Councils as key mechanisms of interaction between civil society institutions and the state in the field of interethnic relations" was prepared.


The Expert Meeting of the Councils on the results of the sociological research "Monitoring of Interethnic and Interreligious Situation in the Capital" made recommendations to the state bodies.

Following the results of the last year the reporting meeting of the Council of Public Consent with the assets of the capital assembly was held.

As a result of the extended session between Council of Public Consent of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Nur-Sultan and Public council of Nur-Sultan, the memorandum has been concluded.

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