Tatar Youth Held Winter Meeting at Friendship House

Tatar Youth Held Winter Meeting at Friendship House

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NUR-SULTAN - Tatar-Bashkir ethno-cultural center ‘TAN’ held traditional winter meeting "Aulak Oy" with the support of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan.

Sergey Sadykov, Chairman of Tatar-Bashkir ethno-cultural center ‘ТАN’ made a congratulatory speech.

"Aulak oy" is a traditional holiday. In Russian it means "The house where the meetings are organized". When the adults went to visit, the young people were going to meetings: the girls were doing needlework, while the boys were spinning straw shoes and carving various objects from wood. Then games, jokes, songs and dances started," Sadykov said.

The event continued with a cheerful concert programme. Spectators got acquainted with traditional Tatar songs and dance compositions. National games were held, and the winners were presented with gifts from the organisers.

In addition, an exhibition of national headdresses of the Tatar people was organized in a corner of the concert hall. At the end of the event, all guests were invited to a table with a festive treat.

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