‘Tobyl Tolkyndary’ Folk Dance Competition was held

‘Tobyl Tolkyndary’ Folk Dance Competition was held

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KOSTANAY - Choreographic teams from all over the region came to the regional center to shine with their talents.

The organizers tried to gather the talents of the region's choreographic art on the stage of Miras Palace of Culture.

The status of the contest, which has already become a traditional dance festival, seems to be changing. After all, there are already representatives of other regions among the participants. So, in particular, artists of Akmola region - the ensemble "Flamingo" have arrived.

Among the objectives of this competition are not only support and development of choreographic amateur art, preservation of cultural heritage of the people of Kazakhstan, but also attraction of youth to this art, creation of conditions for self-realization and creative growth. And on the stage there were only youth.

“It is great that for many years beautiful and talented people gather to show how they live by creativity in Kostanay,” noted Shamil Fakhrutdinov, Head of ‘Carnival’ ensemble and a jury member at the opening of the contest. “This year, the peculiarity of this competition is that we conduct selection for the international dance festival ‘Nauryz Invites Friends’. The best will represent the region at it. There will be distinguished teams not only from Kazakhstan, but also from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan among the teams. It will be held in Kostanay in March.


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